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Fujinomiya’s annual special events

Horseback Archery Festival (Yabusame Matsuri)

Period: May4-6
Place: Sengen Grand Shrine

This Horseback archery event dates back to 1193 when Minamoto no Yoritomo, a shogun, dedicated it to the shrine.

Ceremonies of the start of the climbing season of Mt. Fuji (Oyama-biraki)

Period: July 10
Place: Sengen Grand Shrine and Murayama Sengen Shrine

Departure of the year’s first mountain bus; UK - Japan cultural exchange; Sir Rutherford Alcock Festival; hand-held cylindrical fireworks (tezutsu hanabi)

Sacred Fire Festival (Gojinka Matsuri)

Period: 1st Saturday of August
Place: Sengen Grand Shrine and shopping streets near the shrine

The sacred fire from the Grand Shrine lights up portable shrines carried through the streets

Fujinomiya Dance Festival (Miya-odori)

Period: Sunday after the Gojinka Festival
Place: near Sengen Grand Shrine

A traditional-style dance parade of about 6,000 people is held on the main street.

Fujinomiya Autumn Festival

Period: November 3 – 5
Place: Sengen Grand Shrine

Parade and competition of twenty dashi floats; festival music called Fujinomiya-bayashi (prefecturally-designated important intangible folk-cultural property)

Lord Nobunaga Autumn Festival (Nobunaga-ko Koyo Matsuri)

Period: mid-November
Place: Nishiyama Honmon-ji Temple

Performance with muskets; samurai costume procession; local cuisine; local specialty market